Happy Teacher's Day!

In celebration of Teachers Day in Singapore and the beginning of school in many countries, this post is dedicated to the amazing teachers and educators who play such an important role in helping raise and develop our children.

Many people think of teachers as educators who teach major subjects – English (or the local native language), mathematics, science, history, etc, but they teach so much more to their students that is beyond their subject. This is especially true for teachers of early years and primary/elementary, but can be true for any teacher. As a feeding specialist, I often speak with teachers who are not sure how to handle feeding situations with children, and observe teachers who are unaware of the possible impact they have on their students from their comments.

The following letter is to support teachers curious to support their students eating habits and to open the dialogue between parents and teachers to explore how to better adapt their current feeding practices to meet the best needs of the students. Some of these points may feel like common sense to some and some may spark a reaction. All of these practices are backed by research and will support the best needs of the students.

Happy Teachers Day! Have a great school year to those starting a new year!

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