Parenting Perceptions

As parents, often we have perceptions and expectations that are second nature to us. These thoughts and beliefs are so deep-rooted in us, that we may not be conscious they are there and often do not realise that it can be different. For some, awareness is not necessary, however for some, it is life changing when you realise all the conflict is a result of your perception by seeing a different view. One thing that is often included in these ingrained habits is foods and when they should be consumed.

For example, do you think there are certain foods that should be served for breakfast?

Many people will think of eggs, pancakes, cereal, porridge, coffee, tea, juice, omelettes, and the list goes on. What do you think of steak, pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches, salad, chicken rice, noodles, ice cream, cake? Do these foods belong at breakfast?

I was recently reminded of this fact when I gave my son the option to choose the menu for breakfast for his birthday. He doesn’t have a stand out favourite food, so I was not sure what he would choose, but I had to suppress my reaction when he chose spaghetti. I realised that I had a belief that this was not a breakfast food, not a food I would ever choose or consider for breakfast, and not something I have ever had before for breakfast, but that is what we had for his birthday breakfast. This belief could easily have turned into a mealtime battle if I said, "Spaghetti is not a breakfast food, choose something else." If I had not had this awareness, I could have imposed my belief on my son. This would have changed his pride from choosing the menu to one of deflation.

When dealing with food, what foods belong at a certain meal is just a small portion of all the thoughts and beliefs that we have, but maybe a good place to start on realising your views around food.

Do you have similar beliefs? Where did these beliefs come from? Are there any foods that cannot be eaten at any given meal? What is the reason you believe this? I would love to hear your opinion.

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