What Are Your Child's Cues?

We have been traveling lately and have turned our time clocks upside down – literally. It can be extremely challenging with a young child in tow, and I have been reminded more than ever that I need to trust my son’s cues.

When it comes to a lot of things with infants, toddlers and young children, they have their own unique cues that you may learn that signify their needs. That may include sleep, eating, and connection and may include other things for your child. My son uses food to try to keep himself awake, and often will claim he is hungry to delay bedtime. Besides that, he rarely needs to say he is hungry when we are at home, as we have the schedule down and he knows when food is coming.

With the time change, it has been a new experience that he is saying he is hungry, which also included 3am meals in the initial days. For those who follow the division of responsibility (DOR), you are likely aware that the DOR is regimented on holding a schedule, and my tired, reactive brain tried to say “no.” I had to trust that he knew his body and the time change was the cause of his middle of the night hunger. (It was 6pm, prime dinner hour at home after all.)

One of the strength of using the DOR is that you learn your child’s cues, if your child is an infant, toddler, or teen. You also learn to trust your child knows his body and can communicate to you his needs.

Have you learned your child’s cues for eating? I’d love to hear how your child communicates her needs.

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