What are your "should's"?

I recently did a Facebook Live in a parenting group that I belong to and I was asked about what the “should’s” are that parents often have with food. Every parent has expectations for their child. It may or may not involve food, but often there are expectations for eating…they just might be unconscious…for now.

My child should eat their vegetables every day.

My child should eat every meal.

My child should clean their plate.

My child should not play with their food.

My child should sit still for the whole mealtime.

My child should try every item on the table or every item on their plate.

My child should not eat sweets.

The list may go on and on…

These “should’s” were developed from your experiences from childhood. Everyone learns things from their parents/grandparents/teachers/guardians when they are little. We often adopt them, and sometimes try to do the opposite of what our parents did. That’s how we react to the situation we experienced.

Often, these beliefs are passed on generation to generation until someone decides they do not like the belief and explores the rationale and tries to change them. Eating behaviours can change. It might be a little challenging initially to make the adjustment if it is a behaviour you have been doing for many years, but it is possible.

Becoming aware of what your “should’s” are for eating is important to know, as these are often the triggers which cause battles at the table.

I’d love to know what your “should’s” are for eating. Please leave a comment below.

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