It Starts with the First Sip

Last week we discussed the concerns that fat babies become fat adults and how this is not necessarily true or predictive.

There are a lot of variables that are involved.

One thing that can be a predictor is eating behaviours. Did you know that eating behaviours begin with the first sip?

Baby’s eating behaviours are developed from their experiences and once they start eating, they have experiences: are their needs being met in a predictable pattern? Can they stop when they are full? Are they fed when they are hungry?

It is easier for baby’s desires to be followed when breast feeding, whereas bottle feeding can alter a baby’s eating behaviours which potentially if a baby or toddler learns to not be able to trust their instincts, they eventually can lead to overweight or obesity or at the other end of the spectrum to eating disorders.

So, next time you feed your baby or toddler, think about their experience. How do you think your baby or toddler are experiencing meals? I would love to hear what you think.

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