Holiday Memories

Do you remember a holiday when you were growing up that you fondly remember? What is it that you remember about that holiday that made it so special? Often when we have a fond memory, it is associate with a special person that we were with, a place we were at, an activity that we did or something we ate. Most memories are associated with something.

It is a big holiday week with Valentines Day and Chinese New Year, which often brings anxiety for a lot of parents. In my household, there is a birthday thrown in the mix, which is another exciting celebration for my little one.

In my household, my little one is so excited for all these celebrations. Valentines Day has come and gone, and as this is not widely celebrated in Singapore, he did not get the full understanding of Valentines Day as he was the only one in his class to give out Valentines, so he does not associate the holiday with as much excitement as he would if we were in other countries where all the kids give Valentines. He did enjoy the chocolate hearts that he was given though. Birthdays are a different story, with the excitement of picking the cake and then the anticipation of the day building up. With his excitement, he often doesn’t eat anything else but cake on birthdays.

During these times of celebrations, think about what you want your little one to remember about the holidays. Do you want them to remember the holidays fondly of the delicious foods they ate, the people they saw, or things they experienced? Especially when they are young, every experience develops how they their thoughts and beliefs about holidays, experiences, people, places, celebrations, things, finances, and the list goes on and on…

I’d love to know what your fond holiday memories are around and how you want your little ones to experience and think about holidays.

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, and prosperous year of the dog!

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