The Dreaded Words: “I’m Hungry”

** In this post, there is an assumption that your child has food regularly available and provided to them. If there is availability issues for a child, the information provided does not apply.

You just had dinner and your little one did not eat much and he comes to you and says “I’m hungry.”

This is a scenario that is common. It happens in almost every family at some point.

For many parents, one of their fears is their child not eating enough. If you fall in this category, “I’m hungry” is one statement that will send you in panic mode.

It may be a one off time for your family or it may happen regularly. The way you handle it will determine how things will happen in the future.

WHAT?! What do you mean that the way I handled the situation will determine how often this happens?

Toddlers are constantly testing limits and their intake is inconsistent. Depending on the reaction and result they receive when they test the limit one time, will depend how they will react in the future. The key to this is to be consistent. If you handle the situation differently every time, your child may test them regularly to see if they get the result they want that day. It’s like tossing a dice every time. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose.

It can be difficult for a parent to be consistent. It is difficult to say “no” to a child sometimes, especially if it results in a meltdown or tantrum.

With regards to food, set your limits with your child and stick with them and see how things go.

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