Do You Follow Certain Cultural Practices?

Recently I saw a post on a mother’s group talking about confinement, which is a very common practice to follow for people of Chinese descent post-partum. At some point, someone asked why certain practices are followed, and some discussed the history and rationale of some of the beliefs which got me thinking of cultural feeding practices as well.

There are lots of cultural feeding practices in the Chinese culture – confinement and when you’re sick are two that come to mind off the top of my head. Orthodox Jewish culture has kosher laws, as does Muslim culture. Many religions have certain practices for certain holidays. For example, Judaism has Passover, Muslim’s have Hari Raya, Catholic’s have lent. Other cultures follow maybe a special meal for a specific holiday – Japanese have special meals for New Years, Indians for Diwali. For many, if you grew up in a household that followed certain traditions, you do not think otherwise than to follow these practices.

Looking at cultural practices, it is a reminder of how important what we learn during childhood carry through to us into adulthood. Often our early childhood learnings carry through to adulthood via our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

What practices do you follow? If you follow them, do you believe in the rationale or do you do it because it has been drilled into you from childhood? I would love to hear from you!

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