Can Your Child Eat Only a Half a Cookie?

Parents often have a concern with their children eating what they consider unhealthy foods (cookies, ice cream, candy, chips, etc.) This concern usually transmits to everyday living as restricting the child from consuming these foods.

How would it be if your child could live with all foods and eat these (unhealthy) foods occasionally to sufficient quantity to satisfy their needs?

The goal of autonomous eating is for kids to eat until they are satisfied or full without feeling obligated to eat everything. I recently was reminded of this when my little one ate a few bites of a cookie and left the rest as he was full. In a separate occasion, he ate 2 spoonfuls of ice cream and left the rest. From a waste management standpoint, it is a headache, but from an autonomous eating aspect, it was great to see. Unhealthy foods will always be around, so by teaching children how to eat until they are satisfied and full, they learn how to balance their needs. If this is something you would like for your child(ren), but are struggling with it, please contact me.

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