Enjoy the Moment

It’s summer, and in many parts of the world, it means wedding season. I was recently at a wedding and it reminded me of the goal of raising autonomous eaters: to be able to enjoy the moment and to self-regulate intake when there is a surplus of food available. At most weddings, there is either a buffet or multiple courses with a variety of dessert options. People will think about the food in a variety of ways: enjoy the food, but eat until they are full, think about how they will work off the calories from the meal, overindulge, feel guilty after eating so much, or restrict themself from enjoying the food and the moment, consumed with being rigid in their eating. An autonomous eater will be in the first group, with the rest of the categories being a result of some unhealthy eating patterns or experiences.

Food is a necessity of life, and some people never appreciate it as they think of it only as food. Eating can be an amazing experience that involves all the senses. It is needed to fuel our bodies, but also should be enjoyed. Next time you are in a situation where there is an abundance of good food, try to stop worrying about all the chatter in your head and savour and enjoy the meal and tune into your body's cues to stop when you are full. Physiologically this is what our bodies are programmed to be able to do.

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