Meal Planning Challenges

Trying to determine how much to make at any given meal can be extremely difficult with toddlers as their intake can be very inconsistent. They keep parents on their toes all the time to the point, parents need to let go of any expectation of a toddler eating a certain food at any given time, favourite or not.

My little one reminded me of this recently. It is standard in my household for foods to be seen on the table multiple times in a week, as often we do not finish a given item the first time it is served. Determining how much to make for a given meal can be like playing roulette – I never know how much will be consumed any given day. Often, we have leftovers and others we don’t have enough. This week, we had butternut squash that was served with broccoli, rice and fish for one dinner and the butternut squash and broccoli was served again with tempeh and fried rice again later in the week. It was not touched by my toddler who only ate fish (a whole adult serving) the first dinner and the second only wanted squash and broccoli.

As a parent, if you have expectations of what your toddler will eat any given meal, it is impossible to enjoy a meal stress-free. All parents want what is best for their kids, but remember it is also important

that we need to teach our little ones to make appropriate decisions and to trust what their bodies tell them. Have confidence that your little one will choose items that will meet their needs to grow appropriately and enjoy the meal.

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