Struggling with a Toddler?

I often hear about parents so concerned with their toddler’s intake that they are constantly catering to the toddler’s whims, driving themselves crazy in the process. The eventual end to this is usually the parents finally having enough or there being a constant standoff between the toddler and the parent(s) over food. The reason for this? Toddler’s inconsistent eating.

Kids, especially toddlers have inconsistent intake. What they seem to love at one meal, the next time they refuse to eat it. Just when we (the parent) thinks we know our little one’s preference, they seem to change again. My little one did this to me recently and completely threw me off. He is given the option of all food on the table every night, and since he was weaned, he has never really liked beef, although he is regularly offered it. His father loves beef, and so for Father’s Day, we had steaks for dinner. To my surprise, my little one ate steak for dinner. I have no idea when he will choose to eat beef again, but for a night, he went to bed with a tummy full of beef.

Toddlers can be extremely difficult to feed as you have no idea what they are going to choose to eat any given meal. Are you struggling with your toddler? Send me a message and let me know what your struggle is.

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