Girl Eating a Meal

You work really hard getting balanced, healthy meals on the table every day. 

Yet, you know when you are at the dinner table and you start to feel your blood pressure rising and panic setting in?

Worried your darling child is not eating enough, 


they are not eating their vegetables. 


they are drinking to much milk, 


only eating pasta, 




maybe they are not eating anything at all...

You just want your child to be healthy, strong, and grow up a normal height and weight.  But, you are worried he's not eating enough or too much, or he is too short, or her weight is to high or too low.  

Meals can be enjoyable.

It doesn't have to feel like meals are battles for your child to eat well.  Your family meals can become pleasant, stress-free, family-focused times that everyone looks forward to. 

Friends Having Coffee

"You're not leaving the table until your plate is clean..."

and "eat your dinner, there are starving children in Africa who would love to have your dinner," were some of the comments I remember hearing when I was a child around the dinner table.  My parents had my best interests at heart, but sayings like these laid the foundation for my inability to self-regulate my eating and to a loss of enjoying certain foods.


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